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Kandi Land!

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Over the Rainbow
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Hello and welcome to KANDI LAND! If you like to make kandi and trade with your friends, you are in the right place. Here, you'll find people who are willing to trade with you, tutorials on making kandi, and general fun talk about kandi and kandi kids!

Feel free to promote an upcoming party in your area!!
Tell us about your favorite DJ!!
Got a mix you want to share with everyone??

Then post it! We'd love to hear/see any of it!
- Don't be mean! We live by PLUR around here. Encourage your fellow kandi makers, even if they are just starting out.
- No drug talk. We are aware that some of our kandi kid friends enjoy various party favors, but that's not what this community is all about.
- You don't have to stay precisely on topic, but try to keep things generally about the kandi rave scene.
- If you promise to trade with someone, please keep up your end of the bargain.
- Please do not sell kandi in this community. Sale posts will be deleted, and you will be warned.
- If we have to warn you more than once for being mean, making sale posts, etc, you'll be banned. And we don't want to have to do that! So behave yourselves!
- Promote! Get all your friends to come play with us. The more the merrier!
This is an open community.
Please feel free to join whenever you'd like.

All we ask is that you start with this little "get to know you" post.
Just copy and paste the code from the box below

Remember be honest and have fun with it ^_^

Member list & their intro survey can be found here
If you are looking to trade with another member of the community be sure to check out this entry to see if they've left a comment listing their -favorites-
I'll be posting tutorials for making different types of kandi. If you have a request for something inparticular just let one of us know and I'll be sure to make one for you!

Ladder Cuff
Make you own beads[from found objects]

This section will grow as time goes on so be patient!
These thing's take time ^_^
can be found here
Feel free to promote anywhere you like! The more the merrier!!
Some wicked websites that you should all check out!
Kandi Trade
Goodvibes Entertainment
Affiliate/sister communities!
If you'd like to be sister communities, just let one of the mods know!

meowberry & i_heart_glitter
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